Age: 5-6

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Police Patrol

10809: Police Patrol

There’s been a break in at the bank and a crook is trying to steal some money! Put the buildable pol..

Price: R213.00
Total Stock: 2

Police Station

60141: Police Station

Be part of the action with the LEGO® City police as they try to keep the crooks in jail, featuring a..

Price: R1,566.00
Total Stock: 1

Police Truck Chase

10735: Police Truck Chase

Join the LEGO® City police force and catch the crook, featuring Easy to Build models including a pol..

Price: R277.00
Total Stock: 4

Princess Key Chain

852912: Princess Key Chain

Authentic LEGO Kingdoms Princess minifigure attached to a sturdy metal chain and loop. Makes a great..

Price: R69.00
Total Stock: 91

Puppy Championship

41300: Puppy Championship

Join Mia and her puppies for a LEGO® Friends dog show. With grand entrance doors, a revolving turnta..

Price: R308.00
Total Stock: 1

Rainbow Fun

10401: Rainbow Fun

Help your child think bigger, build bigger and use their creativity with this rainbow-inspired speci..

Price: R82.00
Total Stock: 36

Rapunzel´s Tower

10878: Rapunzel´s Tower

Disney Tangled fans will love to build and rebuild Disney Rapunzel’s Tower in different ways, helpin..

Price: R483.00
Total Stock: 12

Ravager Attack

76079: Ravager Attack

Stage a forest face-off between Taserface in his M-ship, featuring four stud shooters and a minifigu..

Price: R380.00
Total Stock: 3

Rebel Trooper Battle Pack

75164: Rebel Trooper Battle Pack

Expand your army with the Rebel Trooper Battle Pack. Featuring a speederbike with stud blaster stora..

Price: R234.00
Total Stock: 6

Red Creative Box

10707: Red Creative Box

Unleash a world of open-ended creativity and imagination with the LEGO® Classic Red Creativity Box, ..

Price: R75.00
Total Stock: 14

Red Racer

31055: Red Racer

Get behind the wheel of this fast sports car, featuring an adjustable rear spoiler, rear engine, rou..

Price: R73.00
Total Stock: 3

Resistance Trooper Battle Pack

75131: Resistance Trooper Battle Pack

The First Order has been detected nearby and must be intercepted. Load the Resistance Troopers onto ..

Price: R228.00
Total Stock: 9

Resistance X-Wing Fighter

75125: Resistance X-Wing Fighter

Blast off on miniature X-Wing Fighter adventures!The First Order is attacking and it’s time to call ..

Price: R148.00
Total Stock: 0

Rhino Face-Off by the Mine

76099: Rhino Face-Off by the Mine

Team up with Black Panther and Okoye in a Rhino Face-Off by the Mine against masked super villain Ki..

Price: R427.00
Total Stock: 23

Road Repair Truck

10750: Road Repair Truck

Join the LEGO® City roadwork crew and take care of the streets! This fun toy for boys and girls feat..

Price: R157.00
Total Stock: 2

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