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Anna & Kristoffs Sleigh Adventure

41066: Anna & Kristoffs Sleigh Adventure

Join Anna and Kristoff as they set off on a sleigh adventure to bring summer back to Arendelle. Stop..

Price: R476.00
Total Stock: 23

Arendelle Castle Celebration

41068: Arendelle Castle Celebration

Help Elsa and Olaf prepare the courtyard outside for Anna’s party, but keep the Snowgies away from a..

Price: R976.00
Total Stock: 13

Cinderella's Romantic Castle

41055: Cinderella's Romantic Castle

Prince Charming has invited Cinderella to a romantic royal ball! Play with Lucifer the naughty cat a..

Price: R1,062.00
Total Stock: 22

Heartlake Cupcake Caf?

41119: Heartlake Cupcake Caf?

Help Naomi the waitress prepare delicious cupcakes for her customers. Turn the window display to cho..

Price: R581.00
Total Stock: 23

Heartlake Supermarket

41118: Heartlake Supermarket

It’s time for Mia’s weekly shop, so join her at Heartlake Supermarket and grab a trolley from the tr..

Price: R515.00
Total Stock: 19

Party Gift Shop

41113: Party Gift Shop

The baby bunnies are invited to a birthday party, so help them find a gift. Open up the shop shutter..

Price: R75.00
Total Stock: 10

Party Styling

41114: Party Styling

Jewel the cat has been invited to a birthday party! She can’t wait to get ready. Give her a wash in ..

Price: R75.00
Total Stock: 4

Treasures Day at the Pool

41069: Treasures Day at the Pool

Treasure is no ordinary kitten—she belongs to Ariel and she just loves water! Join her at her spa po..

Price: R112.00
Total Stock: 2

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