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Beachside Vacation (Damaged Box)

31063a: Beachside Vacation (Damaged Box)

Enjoy summer adventures with this sunny beach house, featuring a blue-striped color scheme, two larg..

Price: R335.00 R397.00
Total Stock: 1

Fire Response Unit (Damaged Box)

60108a: Fire Response Unit (Damaged Box)

Race to the scene where a worker calls for help! Zoom in on your motorcycle to fight the flames. If ..

Price: R368.00 R436.00
Total Stock: 3

First Order Special Forces TIE fighter

75101: First Order Special Forces TIE fighter

Intercept the enemy with the impressive First Order Special Forces TIE fighter. The unmistakable sha..

Price: R899.00 R1,044.00
Total Stock: 1

First Order Transporter™

75103: First Order Transporter™

Lower the ramp, load the troopers and get ready to transport them into battle! This heavily armored ..

Price: R999.00 R1,445.00
Total Stock: 4

NINJAGO City Chase (Damaged Box)

70607a: NINJAGO City Chase (Damaged Box)

Team up with Lloyd Garmadon, Nya and Officer Toque to prevent Shark Army Thug robbing a street food ..

Price: R259.00 R308.00
Total Stock: 1

Olivia's Deluxe Bedroom (Damaged Box)

41329a: Olivia's Deluxe Bedroom (Damaged Box)

LEGO® Friends Olivia’s Deluxe Bedroom is set on a pink heart-shaped base and perfectly reflects Oliv..

Price: R192.00 R240.00
Total Stock: 3

Wookiee™ Gunship

75084: Wookiee™ Gunship

Protect Wullffwarro and his Jedi friend, Kanan Jarrus, with the powerful LEGO® Star Wars™ Wookiee™ G..

Price: R799.00 R971.00
Total Stock: 3

 Infrared Transmitter with USB Cable

9783: Infrared Transmitter with USB Cable

The LEGO Infrared Transmitter with USB Cable is an extra for the Mindstorms RCX released in 2001. It..

Price: R220.00 R443.00
Total Stock: 1

Angle Sensor

9891: Angle Sensor

LEGO Dacta Angle Sensor for use with RCX Mindstorms..

Price: R200.00 R287.00
Total Stock: 1

ATM Heist Battle (Damaged Box)

76082a: ATM Heist Battle (Damaged Box)

Robbers are raiding the bank so dash to the scene with Spider-Man! Don’t be fooled by their Hulk and..

Price: R365.00 R433.00
Total Stock: 1

Big Fair (Damaged Box)

10840a: Big Fair (Damaged Box)

Play out weekend family fun with modern LEGO® DUPLO® figures in the bright and colorful Big Fair. To..

Price: R1,060.00 R1,250.00
Total Stock: 1

Big Farm (Damaged Box)

10525a: Big Farm (Damaged Box)

This Big Farm set with buildable models has everything you and your child need to live life on the f..

Price: R810.00 R953.00
Total Stock: 1

Buildable Star Wars Figures (Bundle)

75113,75115,75116,75118,75119: Buildable Star Wars Figures (Bundle)

Comprising a bundled pack of 75113 Rey75115 Poe Dameron75116 Finn75118 Captain Phasma75119 Sergeant ..

Price: R1,218.00 R1,772.00
Total Stock: 1

Buildable Star Wars Figures (Bundle) B

75120,75523,75524,75525,75531: Buildable Star Wars Figures (Bundle) B

Comprising a bundled pack of75120 K-2SO75523 Scarif Stormtrooper75524 Chirrut Imwe75525 Baze Malbus7..

Price: R1,415.00 R2,349.54
Total Stock: 1

Heavy Cargo Transport (Damaged Box)

60183a: Heavy Cargo Transport (Damaged Box)

Head to the worksite outside the city limits with the LEGO® City Heavy Cargo Transport, featuring a ..

Price: R409.00 R481.00
Total Stock: 1

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