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The Big Race Day (Damaged Box)

41352a: The Big Race Day (Damaged Box)

LEGO® Friends 41352 The Big Race Day sets the scene for an exciting go-kart race between the friends..

Price: R829.00 R974.00
Total Stock: 2

The Nether Portal (Slightly Damaged Box)

21143a: The Nether Portal (Slightly Damaged Box)

Craft a portal, build an awesome rail system and journey into the Nether. Battle the flying blaze an..

Price: R727.00 R855.00
Total Stock: 1

The Polar Igloo (Damaged Box)

21142a: The Polar Igloo (Damaged Box)

Discover an igloo in a snow-covered biome, complete with a polar bear and a baby polar bear. Do a sp..

Price: R578.00 R680.00
Total Stock: 1

WHACK! (Damaged Box)

42072a: WHACK! (Damaged Box)

Experience the amazing power and acceleration of this high-speed LEGO® WHACK! model, featuring a lim..

Price: R282.00 R332.00
Total Stock: 1

Angle Sensor

9891: Angle Sensor

LEGO Dacta Angle Sensor for use with RCX Mindstorms..

Price: R200.00 R287.00
Total Stock: 1

ATM Heist Battle (Damaged Box)

76082a: ATM Heist Battle (Damaged Box)

Robbers are raiding the bank so dash to the scene with Spider-Man! Don’t be fooled by their Hulk and..

Price: R365.00 R431.00
Total Stock: 1

Buildable Star Wars Figures (Bundle)

75113,75115,75116,75118,75119: Buildable Star Wars Figures (Bundle)

Comprising a bundled pack of 75113 Rey75115 Poe Dameron75116 Finn75118 Captain Phasma75119 Sergeant ..

Price: R1,228.68 R1,787.54
Total Stock: 1

Buildable Star Wars Figures (Bundle) B

75120,75523,75524,75525,75531: Buildable Star Wars Figures (Bundle) B

Comprising a bundled pack of75120 K-2SO75523 Scarif Stormtrooper75524 Chirrut Imwe75525 Baze Malbus7..

Price: R1,427.41 R2,370.15
Total Stock: 1

HiTechnic NXT Bundle

HiTechBun001: HiTechnic NXT Bundle

For anyone who is still tinkering with robotics on the LEGO Mindstorms NXT, here is a bundle of add-..

Price: R6,102.00 R12,204.00
Total Stock: 1

My First Emotions (Damaged Box)

10861a: My First Emotions (Damaged Box)

Help your toddler learn to recognize and understand different emotions, using these bright, buildabl..

Price: R277.00 R330.00
Total Stock: 1

StarScavenger (Damaged Box)

75147a: StarScavenger (Damaged Box)

Join StarScavenger on dangerous salvage missions!Siblings Rowan, Kordi and Zander are on the hunt fo..

Price: R799.00 R945.00
Total Stock: 1

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