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 Legends of Chima Scolder Key Chain

851018: Legends of Chima Scolder Key Chain

Show your loyalty to the Scorpion tribe with Scolder!Go on a magical Chima adventure with the Scorpi..

Price: R69.00
Total Stock: 36

Aayla Secura

853129: Aayla Secura

Start your journeys the Jedi Master way with Aayla Secura!Let the Force be your guide with Aayla Sec..

Price: R69.00
Total Stock: 12

Astronaut Key Chain

853096: Astronaut Key Chain

Blast into traffic and beyond!..

Price: R69.00
Total Stock: 1


853125: Bossk

Track your way and your enemies with Bossk"!..

Price: R69.00
Total Stock: 38

Cad Bane

853127: Cad Bane

Navigate anywhere with Cad Bane by your side!..

Price: R69.00
Total Stock: 0

Castle Dragon Wizard Key Chain

850886: Castle Dragon Wizard Key Chain

Cast make-believe spells on your travels with the LEGO® Castle Dragon Wizard!Take the mighty LEGO® C..

Price: R69.00
Total Stock: 28

Chima Laval Key Chain

850608: Chima Laval Key Chain

Be king of the road and the jungle with the Laval key chain!Take the jungle king of the Lion tribe e..

Price: R69.00
Total Stock: 1

Classic Girl Key Chain

852704: Classic Girl Key Chain


Price: R69.00
Total Stock: 4

Court Jester Key Chain

852911: Court Jester Key Chain

He'll keep you smiling as he hangs around your keys! Authentic LEGO minifigure complete with a silly..

Price: R69.00
Total Stock: 0

Dolphin Key Chain

851324: Dolphin Key Chain

Dive in for more LEGO® Friends fun!Make a splash with this cute LEGO® Friends dolphin charm! Attach ..

Price: R93.00
Total Stock: 2

Elizabeth Swann Key Chain

853188: Elizabeth Swann Key Chain

Head out for adventure with the most daring damsel on the seas!Set sail for swashbuckling adventures..

Price: R69.00
Total Stock: 14

Eris Key Chain

850607: Eris Key Chain

Soar into adventure with the Eris Key Chain!Take the adventurous leader of the Eagle tribe everywher..

Price: R69.00
Total Stock: 25

Green Brick Key Chain

852096: Green Brick Key Chain

This fun and colorful key chain features an authentic 2x4 green LEGO® brick. Makes a great gift for ..

Price: R39.00
Total Stock: 3

Han Solo Magnet

850638: Han Solo Magnet

Collect the best pilot in the galaxy!Go looking for adventure with an authentic LEGO® Han Solo™ mini..

Price: R109.00
Total Stock: 2

Jake Raines Key Chain

853166: Jake Raines Key Chain


Price: R69.00
Total Stock: 11

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