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The Desert Outpost

21121: The Desert Outpost

Hostile mobs are spawning like never before, and the desert is becoming a very scary place to be… it..

Price: R1,190.00
Total Stock: 25

The Dungeon

21119: The Dungeon

Venture into The Dungeon on a perilous quest for valuable ores! Craft torches from your resources to..

Price: R342.00
Total Stock: 30

The End Portal

21124: The End Portal

Venture into the stronghold and activate the End portal!The eyes of ender have led you across a snow..

Price: R960.00
Total Stock: 16

The Fortress

21127: The Fortress

Protect your livestock and defend the awesome fortress against the ensuing skeleton army! Enjoy hand..

Price: R1,840.00
Total Stock: 34

The Jungle Tree House

21125: The Jungle Tree House

Build and defend The Jungle Tree House!You've built an awesome tree house with Alex, where you can f..

Price: R1,468.00
Total Stock: 21

The Nether Fortress

21122: The Nether Fortress

You’re running low on supplies that the Overworld just can’t offer… light the obsidian portal and st..

Price: R1,502.00
Total Stock: 25

The Snow Hideout

21120: The Snow Hideout

Build The Snow Hideout! You’ve ventured out on an icy mining expedition, but the sun is heading for ..

Price: R686.00
Total Stock: 27

The Village

21128: The Village

Enjoy endless adventures at the busy Minecraft village. This hive of activity features a library, bl..

Price: R3,325.00
Total Stock: 68

The Wither

21126: The Wither

Prepare to battle the wither!You've discovered a fortress defended by the fearsome, 3-headed wither ..

Price: R545.00
Total Stock: 20

The Ice Spikes

21131: The Ice Spikes

Discover a rare snow-covered biome! Build a snowman that transforms into a snow golem, spring a surp..

Price: R817.00
Total Stock: 22

The Jungle Temple

21132: The Jungle Temple

Run the gauntlet of The Jungle Temple, with hostile mobs and a booby trap, then solve the three-leve..

Price: R961.00
Total Stock: 21

The Mushroom Island

21129: The Mushroom Island

Sail out on a new Minecraft adventure to discover The Mushroom Island, mine vital supplies, grow cro..

Price: R333.00
Total Stock: 23

The Nether Railway

21130: The Nether Railway

Build an awesome rail system and journey through the Nether. Avoid the soul sand, hopping magma cube..

Price: R625.00
Total Stock: 15

The Waterfall Base

21134: The Waterfall Base

Use your Minecraft creativity and know-how to build the ultimate shelter, packed with exterior and i..

Price: R1,512.00
Total Stock: 19

The Witch Hut

21133: The Witch Hut

Navigate your boat through the Minecraft swamp to the witch’s hut. Create potions, activate the jump..

Price: R1,192.00
Total Stock: 19

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