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Aaron Fox

70320: Aaron Fox

Hit the bullseye with the 2-in-1 Aero-Striker V2!Immerse yourself further into the futuristic world ..

Price: R481.00
Total Stock: 2


70322: Axl

Protect the spell book from Burnzie in Axl's Tower Carrier!Detach the Tower Carrier's turret, then r..

Price: R1,251.00
Total Stock: 13

Beast Masters Chaos Chariot

70314: Beast Masters Chaos Chariot

Back off Beast Master! Jestro has sent out an evil army to capture spell books of dark magic scatter..

Price: R481.00
Total Stock: 0

Clay's Falcon Fighter Blaster

70351: Clay's Falcon Fighter Blaster

Defeat the Grimroc Stone monster with Clay’s Falcon Fighter Blaster, featuring extendable wings with..

Price: R750.00
Total Stock: 2

Combo NEXO Powers Wave 1

70372: Combo NEXO Powers Wave 1

Open the bag to reveal the five ‘mystery’ NEXO Powers, then create your own way of defeating the ene..

Price: R66.00
Total Stock: 323

General Magmar's Siege Machine of Doom

70321: General Magmar's Siege Machine of Doom

Tower over the enemy with the monstrous Siege Machine of Doom!General Magmar is seeking the Book of ..

Price: R750.00
Total Stock: 16


70323: Jestro

Invade Jestro's secret hideaway and capture the Book of Monsters!Fly in the Mace Slammer, blast open..

Price: R1,942.00
Total Stock: 5

Jestro's Headquarters

70352: Jestro's Headquarters

Stage a daring rescue mission and release Ava from Jestro’s Headquarters, featuring a giant face wit..

Price: R1,554.00
Total Stock: 15


70319: Macy

Storm into battle with Macy's Thunder Mace!Take the enemy by surprise! Twist the handle to pop up th..

Price: R304.00
Total Stock: 0

Ruina's Lock & Roller

70349: Ruina's Lock & Roller

Help Aaron rescue the queen from the wicked Ruina and her Lock & Roller, featuring translucent-blue ..

Price: R308.00
Total Stock: 0

The Fortrex

70317: The Fortrex

When Knighton is under attack by Jestro, LEGO® NEXO KNIGHTS™ knights roll into action! Send out The ..

Price: R1,554.00
Total Stock: 5

The Three Brothers

70350: The Three Brothers

Play out endless LEGO® NEXO KNIGHTS™ battle scenes as Axl takes on the three ancient Stone monsters ..

Price: R529.00
Total Stock: 3

Ultimate Beast Master

70334: Ultimate Beast Master

Ultimate Beast Master might have an explosive temper—but this time he’s got his hands on dynamite! T..

Price: R141.00
Total Stock: 0


70335: ULTIMATE Lavaria

Who’s that scuttling in the shadows? Ultimate Lavaria is hunting her prey with scary spider legs and..

Price: R141.00
Total Stock: 8

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