Season 3

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Clay's Falcon Fighter Blaster

70351: Clay's Falcon Fighter Blaster

Defeat the Grimroc Stone monster with Clay’s Falcon Fighter Blaster, featuring extendable wings with..

Price: R750.00
Total Stock: 1

Jestro's Headquarters

70352: Jestro's Headquarters

Stage a daring rescue mission and release Ava from Jestro’s Headquarters, featuring a giant face wit..

Price: R1,554.00
Total Stock: 11

Lance's Twin Jouster

70348: Lance's Twin Jouster

Protect Knighton from the Stone monster with the 4-in-1 Twin Jouster, featuring flip-out wings with ..

Price: R308.00
Total Stock: 3

Ruina's Lock & Roller

70349: Ruina's Lock & Roller

Help Aaron rescue the queen from the wicked Ruina and her Lock & Roller, featuring translucent-blue ..

Price: R308.00
Total Stock: 4

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