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Y-wing Starfighter

75172: Y-wing Starfighter

Expand your Rebel fleet with the iconic Y-Wing Starfighter. The unmistakable workhorse of the Rebel ..

Price: R1,055.00
Total Stock: 1

Luke's Landspeeder

75173: Luke's Landspeeder

Recreate unforgettable scenes on desert-planet Tatooine, as young Luke and C-3PO go in search of mys..

Price: R465.00
Total Stock: 9

Desert Skiff Escape

75174: Desert Skiff Escape

Play out exciting duels above the sand dunes with this iconic set featuring Jabba the Hutt’s ‘hoveri..

Price: R614.00
Total Stock: 34

A-wing Starfighter

75175: A-wing Starfighter

Launch into LEGO® Star Wars missions with the high-speed A-Wing Starfighter, featuring an opening mi..

Price: R836.00
Total Stock: 10

Resistance Transport Pod

75176: Resistance Transport Pod

Make a quick escape with Finn and Rose in the Resistance Transport Pod. This detailed LEGO® Star War..

Price: R622.00
Total Stock: 0

First Order Heavy Scout Walker

75177: First Order Heavy Scout Walker

Send General Hux and his crew into battle in the armoured First Order Heavy Scout Walker. This impre..

Price: R982.00
Total Stock: 1

Jakku Quadjumper

75178: Jakku Quadjumper

Help Rey, Finn and BB-8 escape from Jakku before they’re caught by the First Order Stormtrooper and ..

Price: R982.00
Total Stock: 0

Kylo Ren's TIE Fighter

75179: Kylo Ren's TIE Fighter

Create your own LEGO® Star Wars: Episode VIII battle adventures with Kylo Ren’s TIE Fighter. This mo..

Price: R1,298.00
Total Stock: 0

Rathtar Escape

75180: Rathtar Escape

Help Han and Chewbacca outwit Bala-Tik and his Guavian Security Soldiers aboard their freighter. Low..

Price: R1,497.00
Total Stock: 8

Darth Vader Transformation

75183: Darth Vader Transformation

Rush to save Palpatine’s apprentice, Anakin, before it’s too late! Lower the table, twist the handle..

Price: R465.00
Total Stock: 0

Tracker I

75185: Tracker I

Travel the galaxy in Tracker I as the M-OC Hunter Droid goes in search of the Freemakers. Grab weapo..

Price: R1,098.00
Total Stock: 3

The Arrowhead

75186: The Arrowhead

Go on deep-space missions with The Arrowhead! Lift off the canopy and jump Zander, Kordi, Quarrie an..

Price: R1,497.00
Total Stock: 3


75187: BB-8

This faithfully reproduced LEGO® Star Wars incarnation of the diminutive BB-8 droid from the new Sta..

Price: R1,597.00
Total Stock: 3

Resistance Bomber

75188: Resistance Bomber

Play out action-packed LEGO® Star Wars: Episode VIII missions with the Resistance Bomber. This featu..

Price: R1,799.00
Total Stock: 0

First Order Star Destroyer

75190: First Order Star Destroyer

Embark on galactic Star Wars: Episode VIII adventures with the First Order Star Destroyer. This huge..

Price: R2,496.00
Total Stock: 0

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