Challenge yourself with this box full of inspiring, colorful bricks and special elements, including wheels, doors, windows, hinges and eyes. Featuring bricks in 42 colors, with 3 levels of building complexity, this LEGO® Classic collection of houses, objects, vehicles and animals fosters a world of open-ended creativity and imagination. Plus, it makes a great supplement to any budding builder's LEGO collection.

  • This set includes over 950 bricks in 42 vibrant and fun colors.
  • Features a mix of classic LEGO® bricks and special elements, including windows, doors, hinges and eyes.
  • Includes ideas for at least 9 models, with some building instructions included in the box, as well as online. The set includes enough special elements to build all the models at the same time.
  • Visit to find all the building instructions for this set, plus more.
  • Includes 3 levels of building complexity to suit builders of any age.
  • Packed in a sturdy, reusable cardboard box.
  • The LEGO® Creative Building Basket encourages open-ended creativity and imagination.
  • Brick separator also included.

LEGO® Creative Building Basket

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