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All the LEGO® sets on special for this week in the Red Brick Sale at Kiddiwinks.

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Clayface Splat Attack

70904: Clayface Splat Attack

Team up with Batman™ to take on Clayface™ and free Mayor McCaskill from the clay prison in THE LEGO®..

Price: R405.00 R574.00
Total Stock: 1

The Batmobile

70905: The Batmobile

Race through Gotham City in pursuit of Man-Bat™ and the Kabuki Twins™ in the Batmobile. This set fro..

Price: R692.00 R982.00
Total Stock: 1

The Joker Notorious Lowrider

70906: The Joker Notorious Lowrider

Join Batgirl’s pursuit of The Joker™ and Harley Quinn™ through the streets of Gotham City in this ex..

Price: R588.00 R834.00
Total Stock: 3

Batcave Break-In

70909: Batcave Break-In

Defend against The Penguin’s Duckmobile invasion of the Batcave in THE LEGO® BATMAN MOVIE: Batcave B..

Price: R1,219.00 R1,699.00
Total Stock: 2

Scarecrow Special Delivery

70910: Scarecrow Special Delivery

Save Gotham City Energy Facility from a fear gas attack with this action-packed THE LEGO® BATMAN MOV..

Price: R270.00 R383.00
Total Stock: 41

The Penguin Arctic Roller

70911: The Penguin Arctic Roller

Join Batman’s pursuit of The Penguin in THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE: The Penguin Arctic Roller set. The Ar..

Price: R405.00 R574.00
Total Stock: 1

Arkham Asylum

70912: Arkham Asylum

Bust into Arkham Asylum with Batman™ and banish The Joker™ and the other Super-Villains with the Pha..

Price: R1,792.00 R2,498.00
Total Stock: 16

Bane Toxic Truck Attack

70914: Bane Toxic Truck Attack

Protect Gotham City from Bane’s toxic attacks! Stop Bane and Mutant Leader’s toxic attacks with Batm..

Price: R588.00 R834.00
Total Stock: 4

Two-Face Double Demolition

70915: Two-Face Double Demolition

Don’t get on the wrong side of the Two-Face Excavator!Stop the mighty Two-Face Excavator with Batman..

Price: R588.00 R834.00
Total Stock: 1

The Batwing

70916: The Batwing

Fly high above Gotham City in the Batwing and battle against Harley Quinn with Batman and Robin in t..

Price: R1,076.00 R1,499.00
Total Stock: 2

The Bat-Dune Buggy

70918: The Bat-Dune Buggy

Glide over bumps in the Gotham City streets and face off against Captain Boomerang™ with THE LEGO® B..

Price: R304.00 R431.00
Total Stock: 4

The Justice League™ Anniversary Party

70919: The Justice League™ Anniversary Party

Recreate the hilarious scene from THE LEGO® BATMAN MOVIE where the Justice League™ throw a big party..

Price: R425.00 R603.00
Total Stock: 6

Egghead™  Mech Food Fight

70920: Egghead™ Mech Food Fight

Help Batman™ fend off Egghead™ and Condiment King's food-firing attacks with THE LEGO® BATMAN MOVIE:..

Price: R425.00 R603.00
Total Stock: 1

Harley Quinn™ Cannonball Attack

70921: Harley Quinn™ Cannonball Attack

Stage a face-off between Batgirl™ and Harley Quinn™ with THE LEGO® BATMAN MOVIE: Harley Quinn Cannon..

Price: R604.00 R857.00
Total Stock: 15

The Bat-Space Shuttle

70923: The Bat-Space Shuttle

Take off from the Batcave in The Bat-Space Shuttle with this fun-packed THE LEGO® BATMAN MOVIE set. ..

Price: R1,004.00 R1,399.00
Total Stock: 0

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