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War Rig

70654: War Rig

Team up with ninja warriors Teen Wu, Jay and Zane to confront the LEGO® NINJAGO® 70654 Dieselnaut ta..

Price: R1,704.00
Total Stock: 1

Dragon Pit

70655: Dragon Pit

Join the ninja heroes in a battle against Iron Baron and the Dragon Hunters at the LEGO® NINJAGO® 70..

Price: R2,454.00
Total Stock: 2

Oni Titan

70658: Oni Titan

Help our ninja heroes rid NINJAGO® City of evil Lord Garmadon and the huge LEGO® NINJAGO 70658 Oni T..

Price: R855.00
Total Stock: 2

Jedi & Clone Troopers Battle Pack

75206: Jedi & Clone Troopers Battle Pack

Command your own LEGO® Star Wars Jedi & Clone Trooper squad with this fun battle pack, featuring..

Price: R246.00
Total Stock: 8

Imperial Patrol Battle Pack

75207: Imperial Patrol Battle Pack

Play out Imperial law-enforcing scenarios with this imposing LEGO® Star Wars Imperial Patrol Battle ..

Price: R246.00
Total Stock: 4

Yoda's Hut

75208: Yoda's Hut

Reenact an iconic LEGO® Star Wars training scene at Yoda’s Hut on Dagobah. This feature-packed set i..

Price: R521.00
Total Stock: 2

Han Solo’s Landspeeder

75209: Han Solo’s Landspeeder

Recreate high-speed LEGO® Star Wars action scenes from the Han Solo movie with Han’s Landspeeder. Fe..

Price: R521.00
Total Stock: 5

Moloch’s Landspeeder

75210: Moloch’s Landspeeder

Recreate action-filled scenes from the Han Solo movie with this LEGO® Star Wars Moloch’s Landspeeder..

Price: R857.00
Total Stock: 4

Imperial TIE Fighter

75211: Imperial TIE Fighter

Engage the enemy with the LEGO® Star Wars Imperial TIE Fighter! This brick-built version of the Empi..

Price: R1,221.00
Total Stock:

Kessel Run Millennium Falcon

75212: Kessel Run Millennium Falcon

Travel with Han Solo, Chewbacca and their friends with the LEGO® Star Wars Kessel Run Millennium Fal..

Price: R3,005.00
Total Stock: 2

Han Solo Buildable Figure

75535: Han Solo Buildable Figure

Play out exciting adventures with this highly posable LEGO® Star Wars Han Solo buildable figure. Thi..

Price: R521.00
Total Stock: 16

Range Trooper

75536: Range Trooper

Take on any adversary with this highly posable LEGO® Star Wars Range Trooper buildable figure. This ..

Price: R521.00
Total Stock: 9

Darth Maul

75537: Darth Maul

Bolster your LEGO® Star Wars collection with this highly posable Darth Maul buildable figure. This s..

Price: R521.00
Total Stock: 23

Molten Man Battle

76128: Molten Man Battle

Build an awesome fire monster and role-play a thrilling LEGO® Marvel Spider-Man 76128 Molten Man Bat..

Price: R495.00
Total Stock: 0

Hydro-Man Attack

76129: Hydro-Man Attack

Join Peter Parker and MJ for a romantic visit to Venice, then defend the city against the menacing w..

Price: R692.00
Total Stock: 4

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