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10928: Bakery

All kids love a trip to the bakery! And now preschoolers can enjoy endless pretend play at the LEGO®..

Price: R700.00
Total Stock: 14

Modular Playhouse

10929: Modular Playhouse

All kids love playing house and pretending to be mom and dad. And, with this easy-to-build, open and..

Price: R1,099.00
Total Stock: 10

Creative animals

10934: Creative animals

All kids love animals, right? And with these 9 adorable animals from around the world, they can buil..

Price: R1,099.00
Total Stock: 10

Bricks and Ideas

11001: Bricks and Ideas

Play and learn with the colorful LEGO® Classic 11001 Bricks and Ideas set. Choose from a selection o..

Price: R143.00
Total Stock: 11

Basic Brick Set

11002: Basic Brick Set

Discover timeless creative fun with this charming LEGO® Classic 11002 Basic Brick Set. Choose from a..

Price: R311.00
Total Stock: 6

Bricks and Eyes

11003: Bricks and Eyes

Create fun characters and bring personality to your LEGO® creations with this LEGO Classic 11003 Bri..

Price: R452.00
Total Stock: 10

Windows of Creativity

11004: Windows of Creativity

Kids and families can all learn to build in new and imaginative ways with the LEGO® Classic 11004 Wi..

Price: R471.00
Total Stock: 3

Creative Blue Bricks

11006: Creative Blue Bricks

An exciting mix of blue LEGO® bricks for kids, bursting with ideas and inspiration. As kids build, p..

Price: R73.00
Total Stock: 24

Creative Green Bricks

11007: Creative Green Bricks

This timeless building toy is bursting with ideas and inspiration in gorgeous green! As kids build, ..

Price: R73.00
Total Stock: 29

Bricks and Houses

11008: Bricks and Houses

Children understand the importance of ‘home’ very early in their lives – so this LEGO® Classic Brick..

Price: R336.00
Total Stock: 11

Bricks and Lights

11009: Bricks and Lights

Kids can get doubly creative with this fun LEGO® set. First by building cool models, and second by t..

Price: R528.00
Total Stock: 16

White Baseplate

11010: White Baseplate

Never before has a white LEGO® baseplate as large as this been available! Measuring over 10'' (25cm)..

Price: R120.00
Total Stock: 63

Bricks and Animals

11011: Bricks and Animals

Young animal lovers will enjoy endless imaginative play with this animal building set. The 10 amazin..

Price: R1,099.00
Total Stock: 10

New York City

21028: New York City

Capture the architectural essence of New York City with this magnificent set that brings together th..

Price: R545.30 R779.00
Total Stock: 0


21032: Sydney

Capture the architectural essence and splendor of Sydney with this magnificent set that brings toget..

Price: R356.30 R509.00
Total Stock: 0

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