LEGO Party

General Information

We are based in Cape Town and do local parties only. We bring thousand of rands of LEGO  pieces out to organise structured, themed activities with the party group. Activities last for 1.5 hours. Each child receives a LEGO favour during the party as a prize. The birthday boy or girl receives a gift. We sit on a mat on the floor to do the activities and we need the space of a large double bed sheet spread out.

How many children?

The number of children is dependent on the type of party. This is noted under each party. Final numbers are to be confirmed no later than three days before the party. Numbers can only change by 3 either way from the original booking.

If younger siblings and their friends at the party are going to be present, they need to be included in the numbers. If they are too young for the recommended age of the party, we cannot include them as part of the party.

What do you get?

  • Use of all the LEGO bricks needed for the party activity (usually over R25 000 worth of LEGO pieces).
  • Tried and tested organised activities, supervised by our party staff. We plan and do the activities.
  • Birthday child gets a gift
  • Each child at the party will get a LEGO favour as a prize.

What is the price?

  • Basic party package
    • Up to 12 children - R1800
    • per additional child - R80

Recommendations for the party

  • Start with the LEGO building.
  • The fewer parents are around, the more the children participate.
  • Keep the sweets and sugar-filled eats until after the LEGO building.
  • Keep food away from the building area.
  • Have a drinks break half-way through the activity if it is a hot day.
  • Prizes to be kept and only opened at home.

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Crazy Build

Free build with DUPLO bricks. Create cars, towers or your own construction and see whose will be the tallest, fastest or just have fun.

  Some ideas of what we do:

  • Build houses
  • Sky- high challenge
  • Good Old-Fashioned Free Play
  • LEGO and Spoon

Suitable Age:  4 - 7 years

Max Number for Party:  12 children

NB: Time Period:  1 hour

Free Build

Many different options exist for this party, allowing each party to be unique. This is the most popular party we have.

Some ideas of what we do:

  • Create a spaceship
  • Sky-high challenge
  • Scavenger Hunt               
  • Mixed-up Model
  • LEGO Creative Build Contest
  • LEGO Team Construction

Suitable Age:  7+ years (Can do for 6 year olds but only up to 18 children)

Max Number for Party:  24 children


Wacky Wheels

Your friends will go wild creating their own Wacky Wheeled Vehicles. The party is based around cars and racing.

Some ideas of what we do:

  • Make your car go the fastest or the furthest
  • Build the biggest car
  • Build your car in the fastest time

Suitable Age:  8+ years

Max Number for Party:  20 children

Star Wars

Using  space-themed LEGO pieces, this party transports everyone into outer space. Space centres, aliens, space shuttles and satellites can be built or, staying within our own atmosphere, there are the options of air traffic control towers and aeroplanes. The options are endless...

Some ideas of what we do:

  • Largest and smallest spaceship challenge
  • LEGO Creative Build Contest
  • LEGO Build the Future space station

Suitable Age:  7+ years

Max Number for Party:  20 children



Your child and his or her friends will love entering the fantasy world of LEGO Friends. Baby animals, characters to role play, house building... the variety is endless.

Some ideas of what we do:

  • Friends LEGO speed build
  • Creative house build
  • LEGO scavenger hunt

Suitable Age:  7+ years

Max Number for Party:  25 children


Fun guaranteed with our LEGO Ninjago party. LEGO Ninjago is an exciting world of ninjas battling against evil. Your child and his or her friends will love role playing their exciting and varied adventures.

Some ideas of what we do:

  • Create the Temple
  • Battle and Spin the Ninjago spinners
  • Build the strongest bridge

Suitable Age:  6+ years

Max Number for Party:  20 children