April 2021

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Police Station

10278: Police Station

Escape into a delicious world of deceit, detection and donuts with this LEGO® Police Station (10278)..

Price: R3,399.00
Loyalty earned: R283.25
Stock: 3

Looney Tunes™

71030: Looney Tunes™

Wacky action and fond memories await kids and cartoon fans in every bag! Each LEGO® Minifigures Loon..

Price: R65.00
Loyalty earned: R5.42
Stock: 2

Darth Vader™ Helmet

75304: Darth Vader™ Helmet

Pay homage to the Dark Lord of the Sith with this collectible LEGO® Star Wars™ Darth Vader Helmet (7..

Price: R1,379.00
Loyalty earned: R114.92
Stock: 5

Scout Trooper™ Helmet

75305: Scout Trooper™ Helmet

Test your construction skills and recreate memories of epic Star Wars™ scenes as you build the Scout..

Price: R741.75 R989.00
Stock: 28

Imperial Probe Droid™

75306: Imperial Probe Droid™

Recall epic Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back action on the ice planet Hoth as you build the Imperi..

Price: R1,103.20 R1,379.00
Stock: 7

Batman™ vs. The Joker™: Batmobile™ Chase

76180: Batman™ vs. The Joker™: Batmobile™ Chase

LEGO® DC Batman™: Batman vs. The Joker™: Batmobile™ Chase (76180) is a versatile playset featuring l..

Price: R559.00
Loyalty earned: R46.58
Stock: 19

Batman™ Cowl

76182: Batman™ Cowl

Immerse yourself in a challenging and rewarding building experience as your imagination transports y..

Price: R935.20 R1,169.00
Stock: 26


76187: Venom

Stretch your construction skills and capture forever the distinctive, razor-toothed features of an i..

Price: R1,169.00
Loyalty earned: R97.42
Stock: 6

Batman™ Classic TV Series Batmobile™

76188: Batman™ Classic TV Series Batmobile™

LEGO® DC Batman™: Batman Classic TV Series Batmobile™ (76188) gives kids all the style, action and e..

Price: R639.00
Loyalty earned: R53.25
Stock: 4

Spider-Man & Doctor Octopus Mech Battle

76198: Spider-Man & Doctor Octopus Mech Battle

Put a mighty Marvel mech in each hand – and let the battle commence! LEGO® Marvel Spider-Man: Spider..

Price: R339.00
Loyalty earned: R28.25
Stock: 1

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