June 2021

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Amusement Park

10956: Amusement Park

Join your toddler on an imaginative trip to the LEGO® DUPLO® Town Amusement Park (10956) and explore..

Price: R2,149.00
Loyalty earned: R179.08
Stock: 5

Airplane & Airport

10961: Airplane & Airport

Take a toddler’s imagination to a different destination every day with the LEGO® DUPLO® Town aeropla..

Price: R549.00
Loyalty earned: R45.75
Stock: 5

Around the World

11015: Around the World

LEGO® Classic Around the World (11015) playset comes with 15 build ideas based on iconic animals and..

Price: R899.00
Loyalty earned: R74.92
Stock: 15

Taj Mahal

21056: Taj Mahal

Whether you have been lucky enough to visit the Taj Mahal yourself and want a special souvenir of th..

Price: R2,049.00
Loyalty earned: R170.75
Stock: 4

The Horse Stable

21171: The Horse Stable

LEGO® Minecraft™ The Horse Stable (21171) combines all the fun and adventure of the popular online g..

Price: R369.00
Loyalty earned: R30.75
Stock: 9

The Ruined Portal

21172: The Ruined Portal

LEGO® Minecraft™ The Ruined Portal (21172) takes a Minecraft player’s passion for the game into anot..

Price: R589.00
Loyalty earned: R49.08
Stock: 11

The Sky Tower

21173: The Sky Tower

LEGO® Minecraft™ The Sky Tower (21173) is filled with authentic action and diverse environments that..

Price: R1,199.00
Loyalty earned: R99.92
Stock: 8

The Modern Treehouse

21174: The Modern Treehouse

LEGO® Minecraft™ The Modern Treehouse (21174) is a large, detailed and extremely versatile playset t..

Price: R2,449.00
Loyalty earned: R204.08
Stock: 13

The Jungle Abomination

21176: The Jungle Abomination

No one is safe in the jungle with LEGO® Minecraft™ The Jungle Abomination (21176). This creative bui..

Price: R819.00
Loyalty earned: R68.25
Stock: 4

Space Shuttle Adventure

31117: Space Shuttle Adventure

Kids will be thrilled to play out exciting space action with this LEGO® Creator 3in1 Space Shuttle A..

Price: R919.00
Loyalty earned: R76.58
Stock: 4

Ferris Wheel

31119: Ferris Wheel

Kids can enjoy a fun-filled day out at the fairground with this brilliantly detailed LEGO® Creator 3..

Price: R1,549.00
Loyalty earned: R129.08
Stock: 5

Medieval Castle

31120: Medieval Castle

Kids will love taking a trip back in time with this brilliantly detailed LEGO® Creator 3in1 Medieval..

Price: R1,949.00
Loyalty earned: R162.42
Stock: 7

Horse Training and Trailer

41441: Horse Training and Trailer

Let youngsters learn building skills while exploring their love of animals with the LEGO® Friends Ho..

Price: R559.00
Loyalty earned: R46.58
Stock: 4

Olivia's Gaming Cube

41667: Olivia's Gaming Cube

Know a creative kid who’s nuts about gaming? Give them a treat with LEGO® Friends Olivia's Gaming Cu..

Price: R199.00
Loyalty earned: R16.58
Stock: 13

Emma's Fashion Cube

41668: Emma's Fashion Cube

Looking for a LEGO® treat to reward a little fashionista? LEGO Friends Emma’s Fashion Cube (41668) i..

Price: R199.00
Loyalty earned: R16.58
Stock: 15

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