Trolls World Tour

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Techno Reef Dance Party

41250: Techno Reef Dance Party

A music-inspired underwater adventure for Trolls fans! Kids will love playing out their favorite mov..

Price: R423.00
Loyalty earned: R35.25
Stock: 18

Poppy's Pod

41251: Poppy's Pod

Kids who love Poppy and Trolls movie toys will adore this LEGO® Trolls World Tour Poppy’s Pod. There..

Price: R344.00
Price from 1 Nov: R359.00
Loyalty earned: R28.67
Stock: 3

Poppy's Hot Air Balloon Adventure

41252: Poppy's Hot Air Balloon Adventure

See kids’ imaginations soar as they join their favourite Trolls on an epic journey with the LEGO® Tr..

Price: R629.00
Price from 1 Nov: R659.00
Loyalty earned: R52.42
Stock: 5

Lonesome Flats Raft Adventure

41253: Lonesome Flats Raft Adventure

Fans of the Trolls World Tour movie will love this awesome LEGO® Trolls World Tour Lonesome Flats Ra..

Price: R541.00
Loyalty earned: R45.08
Stock: 4

Volcano Rock City Concert

41254: Volcano Rock City Concert

This cool LEGO® Trolls World Tour Volcano Rock City Concert toy brings the world of music to life f..

Price: R699.00
Price from 1 Nov: R819.00
Loyalty earned: R58.25
Stock: 3

Pop Village Celebration

41255: Pop Village Celebration

With amazing detail, this awesome LEGO® Trolls World Tour Pop Village Celebration (41255) Trolls tre..

Price: R879.00
Price from 1 Nov: R959.00
Loyalty earned: R73.25
Stock: 5

Rainbow Caterbus

41256: Rainbow Caterbus

The LEGO® Trolls World Tour Rainbow Caterbus is here! Trolls fans will have so much fun joining Popp..

Price: R699.00
Loyalty earned: R58.25
Stock: 3

Vibe City Concert

41258: Vibe City Concert

Inspire kids to explore the world of music as they go on an amazing journey with the LEGO® Trolls Wo..

Price: R999.00
Price from 1 Nov: R1,209.00
Loyalty earned: R83.25
Stock: 8

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