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Police Car Bag Charm

850953: Police Car Bag Charm

Get set to patrol the streets with this cool LEGO® Police Bag Charm. Attach the brick-built miniatur..

Price: R93.82
Total Stock: 74

LEGO Brick Erasers

852706: LEGO Brick Erasers

This set of colorful red, blue and yellow erasers looks just like a trio of LEGO bricks!..

Price: R69.00
Total Stock: 64

Princess Key Chain

852912: Princess Key Chain

Authentic LEGO Kingdoms Princess minifigure attached to a sturdy metal chain and loop. Makes a great..

Price: R69.60
Total Stock: 75

LEGO® Penguin Key Chain

852987: LEGO® Penguin Key Chain

Whether you’re headed to the North or South Pole, never forget to pack some LEGO® bricks with the LE..

Price: R69.61
Total Stock: 2

Jake Raines Key Chain

853166: Jake Raines Key Chain


Price: R69.60
Total Stock: 0

Elizabeth Swann Key Chain

853188: Elizabeth Swann Key Chain

Head out for adventure with the most daring damsel on the seas!Set sail for swashbuckling adventures..

Price: R69.60
Total Stock: 8

Shaak Ti

853200: Shaak Ti

Fight all of your battles with Shaak Ti by your side!Don’t face another day without the power of the..

Price: R69.60
Total Stock: 22


853413: Watto

Grip the steeling wheel with Watto by your side!It’s always a great deal to have the junk-dealing le..

Price: R69.60
Total Stock: 0

Power Functions Light

8870: Power Functions Light

Add bright LED lights to your LEGO® Power Functions models to create glowing eyes, illuminated headl..

Price: R120.00
Total Stock: 174

Power Functions Rechargeable Battery box

8878: Power Functions Rechargeable Battery box

No more disposable batteries! This rechargeable battery box has built-in Lithium polymer batteries f..

Price: R1,085.00
Total Stock: 20

Power Functions IR Speed Remote Control

8879: Power Functions IR Speed Remote Control

Take command of your LEGO models with this remote control. Add a LEGO Power Functions IR Receiver, b..

Price: R217.00
Total Stock: 12

Power Functions IR RX

8884: Power Functions IR RX

Build this LEGO Power Functions IR receiver into your LEGO models and add amazing movement and funct..

Price: R267.00
Total Stock: 45

2x4 Blue Luggage Tag

IQ52001: 2x4 Blue Luggage Tag

Give your baggage a touch of LEGO® style with this cool LEGO 2x4 Blue Luggage Tag. Write your person..

Price: R77.00
Total Stock: 12

2x4 Red Luggage Tag

IQ52002: 2x4 Red Luggage Tag

Personalize your baggage with this eye-catching LEGO® 2x4 Red Luggage Tag. Write your personal conta..

Price: R77.00
Total Stock: 16

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