LEGO® City is a realistic LEGO world for your child to explore and stimulate their creativity. Iconic vehicles and buildings form the bustling backdrop.


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LEGO® Stand

30569: LEGO® Stand

Bring excitement to the streets of LEGO® City with the LEGO Stand. This fun toy playset includes a c..

Price: R69.00
Loyalty earned: R5.75
Stock: 23

Race Car

30640: Race Car

Race through the streets of your LEGO City with this tough racing car. Includes a driver minifigure...

Price: R69.00
Loyalty earned: R5.75
Stock: 62

Space Hoverbike

30663: Space Hoverbike

Treat a budding astronaut with this cool LEGO® City playset, featuring a futuristic hoverbike, a spa..

Price: R69.00
Loyalty earned: R5.75
Stock: 15

Police Off-Road Buggy Car

30664: Police Off-Road Buggy Car

This LEGO® City Police Off-Road Buggy Car comes with a police officer minifigure, ‘wanted’ poster el..

Price: R69.00
Loyalty earned: R5.75
Stock: 30

Cargo Train

60198: Cargo Train

Load up the powerful LEGO® City 60198 Cargo Train and deliver the goods on time! This cool LEGO City..

Price: R3,669.00
Loyalty earned: R305.75
Stock: 1


60205: Tracks

Extend your passenger train’s range with this LEGO® City 60205 Tracks set. This set of 8 straight tr..

Price: R389.00
Loyalty earned: R32.42
Stock: 2

Switch Tracks

60238: Switch Tracks

Build up your cargo train tracks with the LEGO® City 60238 Switch Tracks set, to help make hauling o..

Price: R389.00
Loyalty earned: R32.42
Stock: 4

Main Square

60271: Main Square

Youngsters can dive right into the LEGO® City Adventures TV series with the amazing LEGO® City Main ..

Price: R3,499.00
Loyalty earned: R291.58
Stock: 1

Holiday Camper Van

60283: Holiday Camper Van

Boys and girls can travel wherever their imaginations take them with this LEGO® City Holiday Camper ..

Price: R329.00
Loyalty earned: R27.42
Stock: Out Of Stock

Police Car

60312: Police Car

Introduce kids to a world of fun and excitement with this LEGO® City Police Car (60312) playset, fea..

Price: R169.00
Loyalty earned: R14.08
Stock: Out Of Stock

Police Station

60316: Police Station

This 3-level LEGO® City Police Station (60316) toy is packed with inspiring details, including a jai..

Price: R1,089.00
Loyalty earned: R90.75
Stock: Out Of Stock

Train Station

60335: Train Station

This LEGO® City Train Station (60335) set is packed with cool features, including a ticket office, c..

Price: R1,549.00
Loyalty earned: R129.08
Stock: 1

Freight Train

60336: Freight Train

Here’s an epic gift for kids and train enthusiasts! This remote-controlled LEGO® City Freight Train ..

Price: R3,569.00
Loyalty earned: R297.42
Stock: 2

Express Passenger Train

60337: Express Passenger Train

The LEGO® City Express Passenger Train set (60337) includes a remote-controlled bullet locomotive wi..

Price: R2,969.00
Loyalty earned: R247.42
Stock: 1

Smashing Chimpanzee Stunt Loop

60338: Smashing Chimpanzee Stunt Loop

The LEGO® City Smashing Chimpanzee Stunt Loop (60338) toy building set features a mechanical chimpan..

Price: R989.00
Loyalty earned: R82.42
Stock: 2

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