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Airport Air Show

60103: Airport Air Show

Head out to the Air Show at LEGO® City Airport!Grab your binoculars for a great show! Check out the ..

Price: R1,150.00
Total Stock: 0

Fun in the park - City People Pack

60134: Fun in the park - City People Pack

Meet a bunch of new people spending a beautiful day in the park! Help the father watch his baby, whi..

Price: R590.00
Total Stock: 0

Mobile Command Center

60139: Mobile Command Center

Be part of the action with the LEGO® City police as they stop the crook’s escape from the jail cell ..

Price: R595.00
Total Stock: 2

Arctic Mobile Exploration Base

60195: Arctic Mobile Exploration Base

Investigate awesome finds on the go with the LEGO® City 60195 Arctic Mobile Exploration Base! This f..

Price: R1,625.00
Total Stock: 3

Passenger Train

60197: Passenger Train

Climb aboard the LEGO® City 60197 Passenger Train! This fun set features a motorized engine with 10-..

Price: R2,142.00
Total Stock: 0

Cargo Train

60198: Cargo Train

Load up the powerful LEGO® City 60198 Cargo Train and deliver the goods on time! This cool LEGO City..

Price: R3,197.00
Total Stock: -1

LEGO® City Advent Calendar 2018

60201: LEGO® City Advent Calendar 2018

Ring in the holiday season with the fun 60201 LEGO® City Advent Calendar. There are 24 different bui..

Price: R321.00
Total Stock: 136

People Pack - Outdoor Adventures

60202: People Pack - Outdoor Adventures

Grow your LEGO® City population with this fun 60202 People Pack – Outdoor Adventures set, featuring ..

Price: R651.00
Total Stock: 2

Ski Resort

60203: Ski Resort

Adventure awaits your young sports lover with this winter-themed set full of possibilities. This coo..

Price: R1,384.00
Total Stock: 9


60205: Tracks

Extend your passenger train’s range with this LEGO® City 60205 Tracks set. This set of 8 straight tr..

Price: R281.00
Total Stock: 6

Sky Police Jet Patrol

60206: Sky Police Jet Patrol

Help your child watch over LEGO® City with the great 60206 Sky Police Jet Patrol. This LEGO 4+ set i..

Price: R134.00
Total Stock: 4

Sky Police Drone Chase

60207: Sky Police Drone Chase

Patrol the LEGO® City streets from above with the exciting 60207 Sky Police Drone Chase set, featuri..

Price: R311.00
Total Stock: 3

Sky Police Parachute Arrest

60208: Sky Police Parachute Arrest

Patrol the LEGO® City streets from above with the awesome 60208 Sky Police Parachute Arrest set, fea..

Price: R476.00
Total Stock: 1

Sky Police Air Base

60210: Sky Police Air Base

Patrol the LEGO® City streets from above with the highly detailed 60210 Sky Police Air Base toy set,..

Price: R1,285.00
Total Stock: 0

Barbecue Burn Out

60212: Barbecue Burn Out

Join in the fun with your child as they protect LEGO® City with the 60212 Barbecue Burn Out set. Thi..

Price: R134.00
Total Stock: 12

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