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10318: Concorde

Embark on a supersonic journey with the LEGO® Icons Concorde (10318) model building set for adults. ..

Price: R3,769.00
Loyalty earned: R314.08
Stock: 1

Eldorado Fortress

10320: Eldorado Fortress

Rediscover the world of LEGO® Pirates with the LEGO Icons Eldorado Fortress (10320) building set for..

Price: R4,099.00
Loyalty earned: R341.58
Stock: 1


10321: Corvette

Open the door to an immersive building project with the LEGO® Icons Corvette (10321) model building ..

Price: R2,969.00
Loyalty earned: R247.42
Stock: Out Of Stock

PAC-MAN Arcade

10323: PAC-MAN Arcade

Take a trip back to the 1980s with this LEGO® Icons PAC-MAN Arcade (10323) building set for adults. ..

Price: R5,099.00
Loyalty earned: R424.92
Stock: Out Of Stock

Alpine Lodge

10325: Alpine Lodge

Welcome to the LEGO® Icons Alpine Lodge (10325), the latest addition to the popular LEGO Winter Vill..

Price: R1,979.00
Loyalty earned: R164.92
Stock: 2

Natural History Museum

10326: Natural History Museum

Discover a space for relaxation with the LEGO® Icons Natural History Museum (10326) model building s..

Price: R5,599.00
Loyalty earned: R466.58
Stock: 5

Dune Atreides Royal Ornithopter

10327: Dune Atreides Royal Ornithopter

Here’s an epic movie-themed gift idea for Dune fans: The LEGO® Icons Dune Atreides Royal Ornithopter..

Price: R3,069.00
Loyalty earned: R255.75
Stock: 1

Bouquet of Roses

10328: Bouquet of Roses

Take time out with the LEGO® Icons Bouquet of Roses (10328) home decor building set for adults. Indu..

Price: R1,089.00
Loyalty earned: R90.75
Stock: 5

McLaren MP4/4 & Ayrton Senna

10330: McLaren MP4/4 & Ayrton Senna

Gift a racing car fan with the LEGO® Icons McLaren MP4/4 & Ayrton Senna (10330) building set for adu..

Price: R1,489.00
Loyalty earned: R124.08
Stock: Out Of Stock

Kingfisher Bird

10331: Kingfisher Bird

Create a striking centrepiece for your home or office with this home decor building set for adults. ..

Price: R889.00
Loyalty earned: R74.08
Stock: Out Of Stock

Medieval Town Square

10332: Medieval Town Square

Release date: 1 Jul 2024

Discover a place for relaxation with the LEGO® Icons Medieval Town Square (10332) model building set..

Price: R4,299.00
Loyalty earned: R358.25

Animal Train

10412: Animal Train

Know a youngster who loves creative play and nature toys? Introduce toddlers aged 18 months and over..

Price: R359.00
Loyalty earned: R29.92
Stock: 4

Daily Routines: Bath Time

10413: Daily Routines: Bath Time

Help children aged 18 months and over understand their feelings around washing with the My First Dai..

Price: R179.00
Loyalty earned: R14.92
Stock: 4

Daily Routines: Eating & Bedtime

10414: Daily Routines: Eating & Bedtime

Help toddlers explore their feelings with the LEGO® DUPLO® My First Daily Routines: Eating & Bedtime..

Price: R549.00
Loyalty earned: R45.75
Stock: 9

Big Feelings & Emotions

10415: Big Feelings & Emotions

Help toddlers explore their emotional responses with the LEGO® DUPLO® My First Big Feelings & Emotio..

Price: R549.00
Loyalty earned: R45.75
Stock: 6

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