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Creative Builder

45000: Creative Builder

124 bricks LEGO Education DUPLO creative builder setIncludes the components for assembling up to eig..

Price: R1,249.00
Loyalty earned: R104.08
Stock: 1


45001: Playground

The DUPLO set is ideal for stimulating creative play, inventing and telling stories and using concep..

Price: R1,989.00
Loyalty earned: R165.75
Stock: 1

Tech Machines Set

45002: Tech Machines Set

Transform your children into expert builders! With the Tech Machines set in your classroom, you'll h..

Price: R3,799.00
Loyalty earned: R316.58
Stock: Out Of Stock


45004: Cafe+

This versatile set helps children to sharpen their skills in many areas, from exploring numbers, sha..

Price: R1,699.00
Loyalty earned: R141.58
Stock: 2


45005: StoryTales

This DUPLO Fairy Tale set is suitable for groups of four children in the age group of 3 to 7 years. ..

Price: R1,999.00
Loyalty earned: R166.58
Stock: 1

Math Train

45008: Math Train

Math Train is an exciting and imaginative LEGO® Education Preschool way for preschoolers to work int..

Price: R1,899.00
Loyalty earned: R158.25
Stock: 1

Animal Bingo

45009: Animal Bingo

Preschoolers and toddlers choose a building card with which they can build their animal by collectin..

Price: R699.00
Loyalty earned: R58.25
Stock: Out Of Stock


45024: STEAM Park

STEAM Park builds on every child’s natural curiosity and desire to create, explore, and investigate ..

Price: R3,699.00
Loyalty earned: R308.25
Stock: Out Of Stock

Build to Express

45110: Build to Express

This set includes over 200 LEGO elements in a separate storage unit. They have been carefully select..

Price: R799.00
Loyalty earned: R66.58
Stock: Out Of Stock

MathToMath Core Set

45210: MathToMath Core Set

The MoreToMath Core Set 1-2 enables students to create solutions for math problems using simple mode..

Price: R999.00
Loyalty earned: R83.25
Stock: 1

Vehicles Set

9333: Vehicles Set

A set for exploring a variety of vehicles, their functions, and how they keep things moving for the ..

Price: R2,399.00
Loyalty earned: R199.92
Stock: 2

Space & Airport Set

9335: Space & Airport Set

This set comes with a luxury hard plastic blue storage box. Released by LEGO Educational.With this s..

Price: R2,949.00
Loyalty earned: R245.75
Stock: 1

Sceneries Set

9385: Sceneries Set

With this set the imagination of children is guaranteed to work, because all kinds of environments, ..

Price: R1,899.00
Loyalty earned: R158.25
Stock: 1

WeDo™ Construction Set

9580: WeDo™ Construction Set

The original LEGO WeDo Core Set (9580) has 158 pieces, including two sensors (tilt and motion), a mo..

Price: R2,499.00
Loyalty earned: R208.25
Stock: 1

Early Structures Set

9660: Early Structures Set

107 Lego Duplo elements for children aged 5 and over.With this, children learn knowledge about basic..

Price: R1,499.00
Loyalty earned: R124.92
Stock: 1

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