The amazing world of Minecraft® with its unique characters is recreated here in LEGO® bricks, so children can create their own exciting Minecraft® stories.


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The Mushroom House

21179: The Mushroom House

Take Minecraft® players aged 8+ into another dimension with the hands-on LEGO® Minecraft The Mushroo..

Price: R419.00
Loyalty earned: R34.92
Stock: 1

The Skeleton Dungeon

21189: The Skeleton Dungeon

LEGO® Minecraft® The Skeleton Dungeon (21189) is an action-packed toy for Minecraft players aged 8 a..

Price: R599.00
Loyalty earned: R49.92
Stock: 2

The Swamp Adventure

21240: The Swamp Adventure

Treat Minecraft® players aged 7 and up to a swamp full of hands-on, action-packed, creative play wit..

Price: R189.00
Loyalty earned: R15.75
Stock: 4

The Bee Cottage

21241: The Bee Cottage

Minecraft® players aged 8 and up will be buzzing with excitement when they get their hands on LEGO® ..

Price: R389.00
Loyalty earned: R32.42
Stock: 3

The End Arena

21242: The End Arena

Minecraft® battles don’t come more epic than when they take place in LEGO® Minecraft The End Arena (..

Price: R479.00
Loyalty earned: R39.92
Stock: 1

The Frozen Peaks

21243: The Frozen Peaks

LEGO® Minecraft® The Frozen Peaks (21243) is filled with hands-on features and functions to give pla..

Price: R669.00
Loyalty earned: R55.75
Stock: 2

The Sword Outpost

21244: The Sword Outpost

Give a Minecraft® player aged 8 and up an iconic diamond sword – on a giant scale! LEGO® Minecraft T..

Price: R889.00
Loyalty earned: R74.08
Stock: 1

The Panda Haven

21245: The Panda Haven

LEGO® Minecraft® The Panda Haven (21245) is the ultimate fun toy for Minecraft players with a passio..

Price: R989.00
Loyalty earned: R82.42
Stock: 1

The Axolotl House

21247: The Axolotl House

Treat Minecraft® players to hands-on underwater adventures featuring one of the game’s cutest creatu..

Price: R519.00
Loyalty earned: R43.25
Stock: Out Of Stock

The Pumpkin Farm

21248: The Pumpkin Farm

Minecraft® players can put the game’s pumpkins center stage with LEGO® Minecraft The Pumpkin Farm (2..

Price: R719.00
Loyalty earned: R59.92
Stock: 2

The Crafting Box 4.0

21249: The Crafting Box 4.0

LEGO® Minecraft® The Crafting Box 4.0 (21249) puts 2 standout playsets and endless free-building fun..

Price: R1,439.00
Loyalty earned: R119.92
Stock: 1

The Iron Golem Fortress

21250: The Iron Golem Fortress

LEGO® Minecraft® The Iron Golem Fortress (21250) has a hidden surprise: the impressive structure tra..

Price: R2,079.00
Loyalty earned: R173.25
Stock: 2

Steve's Desert Expedition

21251: Steve's Desert Expedition

This LEGO® Minecraft® toy for players aged 6+ is the first building toy for kids located in the Mine..

Price: R179.00
Loyalty earned: R14.92
Stock: 5

The Armoury

21252: The Armoury

Minecraft® players aged 7 and over will love to get hands-on with the Minecraft weapons and features..

Price: R359.00
Loyalty earned: R29.92
Stock: Out Of Stock

The Animal Sanctuary

21253: The Animal Sanctuary

LEGO® Minecraft® The Animal Sanctuary (21253) is a versatile brick building gift idea for gamers and..

Price: R359.00
Loyalty earned: R29.92
Stock: 5

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