DC Super Heroes

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10919: Batcave™

When THE JOKER™ escapes from jail, your little super hero joins Batman™ and Robin™ as they try to ca..

Price: R639.00
Loyalty earned: R53.25
Stock: 1

DC Super Heroes Series

71026: DC Super Heroes Series

Kids and fans with a passion for super heroes will love these awesome LEGO® Minifigures (71026) DC S..

Price: R59.00
Loyalty earned: R4.92
Stock: 7

Battle of Atlantis

76085: Battle of Atlantis

Team up with Aquaman and the Atlantean guards to stop the super-jumping Parademon stealing the Mothe..

Price: R431.00
Loyalty earned: R35.92
Stock: 4

Flying Fox: Batmobile Airlift Attack

76087: Flying Fox: Batmobile Airlift Attack

Team up with the Justice League against Steppenwolf and the Parademons to claim the precious Mother ..

Price: R2,096.00
Loyalty earned: R174.67
Stock: 1

Batcave Clayface™ Invasion

76122: Batcave Clayface™ Invasion

Inspire kids to create their own thrilling stories with this 1,037-piece LEGO® DC Batman™ 76122 Batc..

Price: R1,799.00
Loyalty earned: R149.92
Stock: 1

Batman™ and The Joker™ Escape

76138: Batman™ and The Joker™ Escape

Young children will love role-playing as Batman™ to stop a Super-Villain prison breakout with this L..

Price: R692.00
Loyalty earned: R57.67
Stock: 11

1989 Batmobile™

76139: 1989 Batmobile™

Batman™ fans and anyone who appreciates cool cars will love the LEGO® DC Batman 76139 1989 Batmobile..

Price: R4,849.00
Loyalty earned: R404.08
Stock: 4

Wonder Woman™ vs Cheetah

76157: Wonder Woman™ vs Cheetah

Young super heroes can relive Wonder Woman™ 1984 movie action with the LEGO® DC Wonder Woman vs Chee..

Price: R779.00
Loyalty earned: R64.92
Stock: 9

Batboat The Penguin Pursuit!

76158: Batboat The Penguin Pursuit!

LEGO® DC Batboat The Penguin Pursuit! (76158) gives youngsters endless imaginative role-play possibi..

Price: R199.00
Loyalty earned: R16.58
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Joker's Trike Chase

76159: Joker's Trike Chase

The LEGO® DC Batman™ Joker's Trike Chase (76159) playset is a fast-moving Batman-vs.-THE JOKER™ gift..

Price: R919.00
Loyalty earned: R76.58
Stock: 2

Mobile Bat Base

76160: Mobile Bat Base

The LEGO® DC Mobile Bat Base (76160) incorporates 5 iconic vehicles, a bunch of awesome weapons and ..

Price: R1,699.00
Loyalty earned: R141.58
Stock: 1

Batman™ vs. The Joker™: Batmobile™ Chase

76180: Batman™ vs. The Joker™: Batmobile™ Chase

LEGO® DC Batman™: Batman vs. The Joker™: Batmobile™ Chase (76180) is a versatile playset featuring l..

Price: R559.00
Loyalty earned: R46.58
Stock: 31

Batman™ Cowl

76182: Batman™ Cowl

Immerse yourself in a challenging and rewarding building experience as your imagination transports y..

Price: R1,169.00
Loyalty earned: R97.42
Stock: 27

Batman™ Classic TV Series Batmobile™

76188: Batman™ Classic TV Series Batmobile™

LEGO® DC Batman™: Batman Classic TV Series Batmobile™ (76188) gives kids all the style, action and e..

Price: R639.00
Loyalty earned: R53.25
Stock: 18

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