LEGO® Ideas products have been inspired and voted for by LEGO fans. They include original concepts and sets inspired by films!


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Grand Piano

21323: Grand Piano

Do you have a passion for music? Do you like to relax by focusing on a fun, hands-on project in your..

Price: R7,199.00
Loyalty earned: R599.92
Stock: 2

123 Sesame Street

21324: 123 Sesame Street

Sesame Street has been a family-favorite TV show for more than 50 years. Now you can create a colorf..

Price: R2,099.00
Loyalty earned: R174.92
Stock: Out Of Stock

Medieval Blacksmith

21325: Medieval Blacksmith

Take a break from modern life and build this magnificent LEGO® Ideas Medieval Blacksmith (21325) dis..

Price: R3,169.00
Loyalty earned: R264.08
Stock: 1


21327: Typewriter

Unplug from your digital life and recall simpler times as you build a LEGO® Ideas model of an old-fa..

Price: R4,399.00
Loyalty earned: R366.58
Stock: 6

LEGO® Ideas Fender® Stratocaster™

21329: LEGO® Ideas Fender® Stratocaster™

Create your own brick-built 1970s Fender® Stratocaster™ guitar and 65 Princeton® Reverb amplifier wi..

Price: R2,179.00
Loyalty earned: R181.58
Stock: 2

Home Alone

21330: Home Alone

Relive a family-favourite Christmas comedy movie with this LEGO® Ideas Home Alone set (21330) for pl..

Price: R5,499.00
Loyalty earned: R458.25
Stock: 2

Sonic the Hedgehog™ – Green Hill Zone

21331: Sonic the Hedgehog™ – Green Hill Zone

Celebrate a pop culture icon and showcase the gameplay of a true classic with this LEGO® Ideas Sonic..

Price: R1,529.00
Loyalty earned: R127.42
Stock: 6

The Globe

21332: The Globe

Where do you want to go today? Dream of your next travel destination as you build The Globe (21332)...

Price: R4,379.00
Loyalty earned: R364.92
Stock: 2

Vincent van Gogh - The Starry Night

21333: Vincent van Gogh - The Starry Night

Build creativity. Build concentration. Build your own 3D LEGO® brick version of one of Vincent van G..

Price: R3,369.00
Loyalty earned: R280.75
Stock: 7

Jazz Quartet

21334: Jazz Quartet

Get into your groove and compose a jazz masterpiece. Create your own LEGO® Ideas Jazz Quartet (21334..

Price: R1,879.00
Loyalty earned: R156.58
Stock: 9

Motorized Lighthouse

21335: Motorized Lighthouse

Let your creativity shine as you build this LEGO® Ideas Motorized Lighthouse (21335) model. It featu..

Price: R6,099.00
Loyalty earned: R508.25
Stock: 2

The Office

21336: The Office

Recreate an American workplace with this collectible LEGO® Ideas display model (21336) inspired by h..

Price: R2,479.00
Loyalty earned: R206.58
Stock: 2

A-Frame Cabin

21338: A-Frame Cabin

Take time out to explore the simple pleasures of life in the countryside with this collectible LEGO®..

Price: R3,369.00
Loyalty earned: R280.75
Stock: 5

BTS Dynamite

21339: BTS Dynamite

Capture the joyful energy of 21st-century pop icons RM, Jin, SUGA, j-hope, Jimin, V and Jung Kook wi..

Price: R1,879.00
Loyalty earned: R156.58
Stock: 2

Tales of the Space Age

21340: Tales of the Space Age

Turn off your thrusters and let your mind drift into space with this LEGO® Ideas Tales of the Space ..

Price: R989.00
Loyalty earned: R82.42
Stock: 11

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