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Adventure Time™

21308: Adventure Time™

Display and role-play with this LEGO® Adventure Time™ set, featuring eight buildable Adventure Time ..

Price: R895.00
Loyalty earned: R74.58
Stock: Out Of Stock

The Flintstones

21316: The Flintstones

Enjoy modern Stone Age suburban life in Bedrock with this LEGO® Ideas 21316 The Flintstones collecti..

Price: R1,083.00
Loyalty earned: R90.25
Stock: 2

Steamboat Willie

21317: Steamboat Willie

Build and display this collectible LEGO® set or recreate your favourite scenes from the classic Disn..

Price: R1,399.00
Loyalty earned: R116.58
Stock: 1

Tree House

21318: Tree House

Build, display and play with this intricately detailed, 3,036-piece LEGO® Ideas 21318 Tree House pla..

Price: R3,499.00
Loyalty earned: R291.58
Stock: 4

Central Perk

21319: Central Perk

Celebrate the 25th anniversary of Friends, the legendary American TV sitcom, with this highly collec..

Price: R1,399.00
Loyalty earned: R116.58
Stock: Out Of Stock

Dinosaur Fossils

21320: Dinosaur Fossils

Learn about life on Earth millions of years ago and create a stunning centerpiece with this collecti..

Price: R1,219.00
Loyalty earned: R101.58
Stock: Out Of Stock

International Space Station

21321: International Space Station

Build and display this spectacular LEGO® Ideas 21321 ISS (International Space Station). Packed with ..

Price: R1,399.00
Loyalty earned: R116.58
Stock: Out Of Stock

Pirates of Barracuda Bay

21322: Pirates of Barracuda Bay

Rekindle nostalgic memories of childhood LEGO® construction projects with this LEGO Ideas Pirates of..

Price: R3,849.00
Loyalty earned: R320.75
Stock: 1

Grand Piano

21323: Grand Piano

Release date: February 2021

Do you have a passion for music? Do you like to relax by focusing on a fun, hands-on project in your..

Price: R6,599.00
Loyalty earned: R549.92

123 Sesame Street

21324: 123 Sesame Street

Release date: February 2021

Sesame Street has been a family-favorite TV show for more than 50 years. Now you can create a colorf..

Price: R2,449.00
Loyalty earned: R204.08

Medieval Blacksmith

21325: Medieval Blacksmith

Release date: May 2021

Take a break from modern life and build this magnificent LEGO® Ideas Medieval Blacksmith (21325) dis..

Price: R2,899.00
Loyalty earned: R241.58

LEGO® NASA Apollo Saturn V

92176: LEGO® NASA Apollo Saturn V

You were born to explore the universe! Build and inspire the next generation of astronauts with LEGO..

Price: R2,449.00
Loyalty earned: R204.08
Stock: Out Of Stock

Ship in a Bottle

92177: Ship in a Bottle

Continue a nautical tradition when you build the LEGO® Ideas 21313 Ship in a Bottle, featuring a hig..

Price: R1,399.00
Loyalty earned: R116.58
Stock: 8

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