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Amusement Park Arcade

41127: Amusement Park Arcade

Launch, shoot, bash… and win at the Amusement Park Arcade!Mia is having fun playing the games in the..

Price: R222.00
Total Stock: 25

Amusement Park Bumper Cars

41133: Amusement Park Bumper Cars

Bump on the bumper cars and swing on the shaker!Jump into the iconic shaker ride with Olivia, pull d..

Price: R581.00
Total Stock: 26

Amusement Park Hot Dog Van

41129: Amusement Park Hot Dog Van

Make and serve the best hot dogs at the Amusement Park!Stephanie's cool hot dog van has a seating ar..

Price: R417.00
Total Stock: 76

Amusement Park Roller Coaster

41130: Amusement Park Roller Coaster

Go crazy on all the rides at the Amusement Park!Head through the turnstiles to the amusement park an..

Price: R1,524.00
Total Stock: 13

Amusement Park Space Ride

41128: Amusement Park Space Ride

Spin super fast on the Amusement Park Space Ride!Olivia has taken her seat in the rocket and is all ..

Price: R308.00
Total Stock: 33

Andrea's Show

41309: Andrea's Show

Play and perform with LEGO® Friends Andrea’s Musical Duet. Pop Cleo the parrot on the revolving bird..

Price: R146.00
Total Stock: 38

Birthday Party

41110: Birthday Party

Andrea has sent invitations to all her friends’ pets for the birthday of her rabbit Daisy! Help her ..

Price: R278.00
Total Stock: 4

Emma's Photo Studio

41305: Emma's Photo Studio

LEGO® Friends Emma’s Photo Studio has everything Emma needs to take great pictures, including a back..

Price: R146.00
Total Stock: 14

Foal's Washing Station

41123: Foal's Washing Station

Pamper Emma's cute pet foal at the Foal's Washing Station!Emma is getting Diamond the foal ready for..

Price: R146.00
Total Stock: 2

Heartlake Cupcake Caf?

41119: Heartlake Cupcake Caf?

Help Naomi the waitress prepare delicious cupcakes for her customers. Turn the window display to cho..

Price: R581.00
Total Stock: 16

Heartlake Gift Delivery

41310: Heartlake Gift Delivery

Help Stephanie make a LEGO® Friends Heartlake Gift Delivery, featuring a van and shop facade with a ..

Price: R308.00
Total Stock: 28

Heartlake Party Shop

41132: Heartlake Party Shop

Head to the Heartlake Party Shop for all your celebration supplies!Join Stephanie at the Heartlake P..

Price: R416.00
Total Stock: 40

Heartlake Performance School

41134: Heartlake Performance School

Learn to sing, dance and play with friends in Heartlake City!Place all your kit in the locker room a..

Price: R1,143.00
Total Stock: 17

Heartlake Pizzeria

41311: Heartlake Pizzeria

The LEGO® Friends Heartlake Pizzeria has all the equipment needed to play at making and baking fresh..

Price: R416.00
Total Stock: 28

Heartlake Puppy Daycare

41124: Heartlake Puppy Daycare

Look after Heartlake's coolest canines!All the dogs of Heartlake City love coming to play at Andrea ..

Price: R417.00
Total Stock: 36

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