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Dawn of Iron Doom

70626: Dawn of Iron Doom

Join Lloyd and Jay’s mission to free Master Wu and stop the Time Twins taking control of time in thi..

Price: R949.00
Total Stock: 8

Destiny's Shadow

70623: Destiny's Shadow

Fight the Vermillion for control of the Pause Time Blade with Lloyd and Cole aboard Destiny’s Shadow..

Price: R475.00
Total Stock: 9

Dragon's Forge

70627: Dragon's Forge

Swoop to conquer the Dragon’s Forge with Kai and Nya on the Fusion Dragon, rescue their parents from..

Price: R1,250.00
Total Stock: 30

Final Flight of Destiny's Bounty

70738: Final Flight of Destiny's Bounty

Attention Ninja heroes! All aboard Destiny’s Bounty for an aerial duel against Morro, the ultimate G..

Price: R1,783.00
Total Stock: 4

Jays Elemental Dragon

70602: Jays Elemental Dragon

Jump into the dragon’s saddle and grab the reins. Snap the jaws and adjust the head, wings, legs and..

Price: R515.00
Total Stock: 6

Kryptarium Prison Breakout

70591: Kryptarium Prison Breakout

Rush to rescue Zane from Kryptarium Prison with Kai!Zane has been unfairly arrested and imprisoned a..

Price: R299.00
Total Stock: 30

Master Wu Dragon

70734: Master Wu Dragon

Protect the Aeroblade from the Bow Master Soul Archer and his ghost army with the Master Wu Dragon! ..

Price: R710.00
Total Stock: 4

Misfortunes Keep

70605: Misfortunes Keep

The evil Djinn Nadakhan and the crew of Misfortune’s Keep are threatening to destroy Ninjago. Soar s..

Price: R1,251.00
Total Stock: 15

Raid Zeppelin

70603: Raid Zeppelin

Swerve clear of the Zeppelin’s powerful cannons and dynamite dropped through the trap door. Fire the..

Price: R468.00
Total Stock: 12

Rock Roader

70589: Rock Roader

Conquer the Stone Army with Cole RX's Rock Roader!This mighty vehicle's offroader wheels and suspens..

Price: R577.00
Total Stock: 18

Salvage M.E.C.

70592: Salvage M.E.C.

Match the Salvage M.E.C. vs. the Skulkin mech in a bounty-hunting duel!Place Ronin in the opening co..

Price: R577.00
Total Stock: 13

Samurai VXL

70625: Samurai VXL

Steer the armored Samurai VXL vehicle to help Nya and new Samurai X defeat the Vermillion warriors a..

Price: R577.00
Total Stock: 13

Samurai X Cave Chaos

70596: Samurai X Cave Chaos

Gear up for battle at the ninja’s underground desert hideout!Build a jet plane at the hi-tech invent..

Price: R1,980.00
Total Stock: 10

Sky Shark

70601: Sky Shark

Send up the drone to check out this awesome jet with dangerous blades, guns and loads of cool pirate..

Price: R299.00
Total Stock: 1

Temple of Airjitzu

70751: Temple of Airjitzu

Enjoy the ultimate LEGO NINJAGO building experience as you construct the majestic Temple of Airjitzu..

Price: R3,168.00
Total Stock: 31

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