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Air Race Jet

42066: Air Race Jet

Reach supersonic speeds with this huge, aerodynamic LEGO® Technic Air Race Jet, featuring a blue, bl..

Price: R1,957.00
Total Stock: 19

BMW R 1200 GS Adventure

42063: BMW R 1200 GS Adventure

Explore the high-tech innovation of the BMW R 1200 GS Adventure with this authentic LEGO® Technic re..

Price: R839.00
Total Stock: 23

Bucket Wheel Excavator

42055: Bucket Wheel Excavator

Enter the world of mining on a colossal scale with the massive Bucket Wheel Excavator—the largest LE..

Price: R3,829.00
Total Stock: 11



Harness the awesome power of the CLAAS XERION 5000 TRAC VCExperience the ultimate in farming technol..

Price: R2,446.00
Total Stock: 36

Container Yard

42062: Container Yard

Enjoy a rewarding build-and-play experience with this robust and detailed 2-in-1 LEGO® Technic Conta..

Price: R839.00
Total Stock: 14

Display Team Jet

42044: Display Team Jet

Enjoy high-flying adventures with this high-tech, aerodynamic jet. This awesome 2-in-1 model feature..

Price: R148.00
Total Stock: 5

Drag Racer

42050: Drag Racer

Power up this authentic 2-in-1 dragster replica, featuring a distinctive “muscle car” look and an ar..

Price: R854.00
Total Stock: 14

Getaway Racer

42046: Getaway Racer

Cruise the streets with this cool, powerful vehicle featuring massive extra-wide rims with low profi..

Price: R277.00
Total Stock: 8

Heavy Lift Helicopter

42052: Heavy Lift Helicopter

Build and experience the awesome LEGO Technic Heavy Lift Helicopter! This huge, robust 2-in-1 model ..

Price: R1,957.00
Total Stock: 16

Hydroplane Racer

42045: Hydroplane Racer

Smash water speed records with this amazing, aerodynamic 2-in-1 model, featuring massive sponsons, l..

Price: R229.00
Total Stock: 23

Mercedes-Benz Arocs 3245

42043: Mercedes-Benz Arocs 3245

Climb aboard the awesome Mercedes-Benz Arocs 3245! This huge, robust, 2-in-1 LEGO® Technic model is ..

Price: R3,315.00
Total Stock: 7

Mine Loader

42049: Mine Loader

Take a ride underground with this rugged 2-in1 vehicle, featuring a classic yellow and black color s..

Price: R561.00
Total Stock: 13

Ocean Explorer

42064: Ocean Explorer

Enjoy seafaring adventures with this LEGO® Technic Ocean Explorer set, featuring a ship with a dark-..

Price: R1,521.00
Total Stock: 17

Police Interceptor

42047: Police Interceptor

Accelerate at breakneck speed with this awesome model, featuring a white, lime-green and black color..

Price: R277.00
Total Stock: 23

Race Kart

42048: Race Kart

Zoom around the circuit with this supercool 2-in-1 replica of a real-life race kart, featuring a det..

Price: R386.00
Total Stock: 25

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