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DC Rechargeable Battery

45501: DC Rechargeable Battery

The lithium ion EV3 Rechargeable DC Battery is designed for use with the EV3 Intelligent Brick and f..

Price: R1,943.00
Total Stock: 1

EV3 Large Servo Motor

45502: EV3 Large Servo Motor

The EV3 Large Servo Motor is a powerful motor that uses tacho feedback for precise control to within..

Price: R604.00
Total Stock: 4

EV3 Medium Servo Motor

45503: EV3 Medium Servo Motor

The EV3 Medium Servo Motor is great for lower-load, higher speed applications and when faster respon..

Price: R499.00
Total Stock: 1

EV3 Gyro Sensor

45505: EV3 Gyro Sensor

The digital EV3 Gyro Sensor measures the robot’s rotational motion and changes in its orientation. S..

Price: R762.00
Total Stock: 0

EV3 Touch Sensor

45507: EV3 Touch Sensor

The analog EV3 Touch Sensor is a simple but exceptionally precise tool that detects when its front b..

Price: R447.00
Total Stock: 3

EV3 Infrared Beacon

45508: EV3 Infrared Beacon

This has been designed for use with the EV3 Infrared Seeker Sensor. The beacon emits an infrared sig..

Price: R578.00
Total Stock: 2

EV3 Infrared Sensor

45509: EV3 Infrared Sensor

The digital EV3 Infrared Seeking Sensor detects proximity to the robot and reads signals emitted by ..

Price: R736.00
Total Stock: 2

EV3 Cable Pack

45514: EV3 Cable Pack

Extra connector cables for your EV3 robot.This Cable Pack contains the same seven RJ12 Connector Cab..

Price: R368.00
Total Stock: 1

Power Functions Train Motor

88002: Power Functions Train Motor

Power down the tracks!Send your train roaring down the track! Lay out your tracks, then add this LEG..

Price: R336.00
Total Stock: 0

Power Functions L-Motor

88003: Power Functions L-Motor

Power your creations with the large L-Motor!Motorize your large LEGO® builds with LEGO® Power Functi..

Price: R368.00
Total Stock: 2

Power Functions XL-Motor

8882: Power Functions XL-Motor

Add an extra XL-Motor to your LEGO creations!This super-strong motor will give plenty of power to yo..

Price: R421.00
Total Stock: 1

Power Functions M-Motor

8883: Power Functions M-Motor

Build an extra medium-strength, medium-sized M-Motor into your LEGO® creations and watch things star..

Price: R368.00
Total Stock: 2

Renewable Energy Add-on Set

9688: Renewable Energy Add-on Set

This add-on set allows students to learn about and understand renewable energy sources, including: s..

Price: R2,573.00
Total Stock: 1

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