Avengers Tower

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Recreate the most iconic building in the Avengers Universe with the LEGO® Marvel Avengers Tower (76269). This monumental build-and-display project for adult enthusiasts is packed with memorable scenes and classic characters.

Celebrate Marvel Avengers on an epic scale

Standing over 90 cm (35.5 in.) tall, this 5,201-piece model is filled to the roof with recognisable scenes from the MCU and populated by an all-star cast of characters. One side of the building and the roof lift off to allow easy access to the interior, where numerous details and accessories reward fans with evocative film references. A Leviathan, Quinjet and 2 Chitauri chariots stand by ready for battle. A convenient digital version of the set’s building instructions can be found on the LEGO Builder app in addition to the enclosed printed booklet.

Immersive model-making

LEGO Sets for Adults offer a rewarding experience that provides a sense of satisfaction long after the construction work has been completed.